Thu Dec 29
Version 0.23 released
Customizers added
  • Now the components can be customized using a .properties or .xml file.
  • Updated the demo to show the new feature.
  • Added a baseDate to DateField (user provided).
  • Fixed Today button behaviour.
  • More fixes in the event model.

Sun Jun 19
Version 0.22 released
Some changes in this version, mostly are user provided
  • Moon Phase support.
  • Eternal scroll in CalendarPanel.
  • Added Today button in all components.
  • Fixes in the event model.

Sun Jan 2
Version 0.21 released
This version features JTable support (as requested by an user), property change support and two bug fixes, see changelog

Sat Dec 25
Version 0.20 released
Major changes in this version
  • Multiple selection support.
  • Keyboard navigation.
  • Current day now is shown within a red oval.
  • Anti-Aliasing support.
  • Bugs fixed since last version.
  • Many internal re-writes, may result in better speed.

Sun Dec 12 Version 0.13 released
Minor bug fixes. I've to apologize because I'm lacking time to spend in this project. Currently I'm changing my job, so I'm going through lots of changes. I expect to have more time in January. I'm working in new features like multiple date selection and some internal clean-up. I hope you'll understand

Fri Oct 22 Version 0.12 released
Minor enhancements, and bug fixes. See Changelog. Added a tiny manual

Fri Sep 3 Version 0.11 released
Added a new renderer for tasks and some minor improvements

Sun Aug 22 Initial release
This is the first public release, ver 0.1 LogoUpdated Thu Dec 29 2005