This project aims to provide a flexible Calendar component to the Java Platform.

Currently is under early development but can be used safely. It comes with conventient factory classes, providing a fast and easy way to start using them. See Instructions for more information.

You can also fully customize them, in a very similar way than a JTable. Currently there are two customizations ready to use:

  1. Holidays: is used to display holidays with other color (red at the moment). A tooltip is set to this day, so you get the name of the holiday when the mouse is over
  2. Tasks: is used to relate tasks to dates. Dates with tasks assigned are painted with other background (yellow right now). A tooltip whith the task quantity for this date is shown also
You can see theese customizations in the screenshots section.

Try the WebStart demo



This component can be used instead of a JFormattedField, in fact it uses one. You can write directly the date in it or display the Calendar to navigate between months. It extends from JPanel so can be used in any Swing/AWT application

The DateField can also be used withing a JTable JTable


This component is used to show a month permanently. You can add convenient Listeners to react to day changes. It extends from JPanel also.


This is the last (for now) component. It shows many months at once. They are synchronized, so they are always ordered and always only one date is selected. This component can be oriented horizontal or vertical. You can select the quantity of months to show. The position of the scrollbar and the year changer can be changed

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